My Dry Year: September

OK, so August is over, and the Black Dog Institute will be up, if my calculations are correct, about $125 or so for five nights off the wagon.

What? What am I on about?

Oh yeah. Until July 2012 I am operating under Dry July Golden Ticket rules, meaning that I don't drink unless I (or someone else of a charitable nature, of course) hand over a minimum of $25 to the nominated charity (or non-profit) of the month.

So now it's the end of August and it's time to nominate a new cause.

For this month of September I shall be handing over my drinking money to...

Skepticamp Melbourne

Melbourne's Skepticamp will be taking place on 22nd October 2011, and to make the event a zinger, it does need a few donations. Skepticamp Australia is a non-incorporated group operating as a non-profit, so I think it applies. Complaints to the comments area. Donations to paypal using the email "". 

And remember, you don't have to donate merely in order that I may drink. You can donate anyway. Same goes for the Black Dog Institute and any of the groups I nominate over the year.

I have no idea who will get donations for October, but given that its a month that has my birthday and the Skepticamp Melbourne event in it, the total might be a half decent wedge of cash in the offfing. Suggestions are welcome.

posted @ Wednesday, August 31, 2011 8:00 PM


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# re: My Dry Year: September

Left by shellity at 8/31/2011 8:37 PM
Regarding recipient suggestions, I've been considering sending some cash towards east African famine-affected folk and Libyans trying to put lives back together.
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