The Len Ganley Stance

Len Ganley died on the 28th August.

Given the Half Man Half Biscuit connection, I had to do a version of the song.

And before the requests for chords come in, the original is in C, my version is done two steps up in D by putting the capo at fr5. The chord shapes you then play are:

A, flavoured with Asus4 (by adding fr3 on the B string)

E, flavoured with E6 (by adding fr2 on the B string)


Then the chorus (no, no, no, no) has an E (playing a barred B shape with capo at fr5) 

Lyrics can be found via Chris Rand's excellent site.

This is not the canonical way of playing the song as per the original recording, rather it's the way I arranged the song so I could get the video out quickly.

The recording has, obviously, my Cherry Epiphone SG, also my Jazz Bass and aNueNue Banjulele, and was recorded in an ad-hoc manner on a single condenser mic picking up the guitar amp (actually a bass amp) and the main vocal, then the backing vox were added, then the bass track was recorded direct into the desk and compressed hard, then finally the banjulele to brighten the upper range a bit. Tweaking in the multitrack was kept minimal, aside from dodging the "come on boys and girls" bits into more pleasing spots and compressing/normalizing the tracks a bit. Overall about an hour was spent learning, recording and fixing.

Len Ganley's family requested donations to the Paul Hunter Foundation, and who am I to argue?

posted @ Wednesday, August 31, 2011 7:43 PM

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