This Charming Man

At the risk of saturating every syndication channel I have, here's what I got up to this weekend:


I have adored this song since I first heard it back in my teens. As an angst-ridden hormonal teenager I simultaneously agonised and triumphalised to The Smiths. As a trainee drunkard, I sang this song at the top of my voice with my friend Glyn, several ill-advised vodkas, rums and whiskeys providing the fuel. As a (so called) responsible adult, The Smiths have followed me home and made me happy, sad and heart-poppingly proud to be a British indie kid of a certain age for years, even though Australia doesn't really understand them.

And now I went and murdered one of their best bits of work. I'M STUNNINGLY HAPPY.

Oh, and seriously: If Morrissey can wave flowers around, I can wave my ukulele. That is all.

.. except to mention that my Soundcloud Channel has not only the full mix, but also a downloadable instrumental to which you can add your own unique vocal interpretation. DO IT.

posted @ Monday, November 7, 2011 12:17 AM

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