Hell is, in fact, other people

The latest instalment in Keeping Two Chevrons Apart - my quixotic mission to play as many Half Man Half Biscuit covers as possible on my YouTube channel - has arrived.

This one's a goody, I think. Here's why.

The new album, 90 Bisodol (Crimond), is due out on the 26th September. Back in August 2010, 6 Music in the UK played a session from the lads with four songs off the new album and a new version of Joy Division Oven Gloves.

This is one of those songs.

One of the new ones

Yes, one of the ones that isn't released yet.

L'Enfer C'est Les Autres

 So now, I am asking the questions most beloved of half-assed cover musicians the world over

  • Do people like it?
  • Did I do it right?
  • Am I going to get in trouble for this?

and also

So I've slathered "buy it from Probe Plus" links everywhere, because I really think you ought to buy the album. It's going to be a corker. I'm not uploading the chords yet, since I don't want to take the piss with a song that hasn't actually hit the shelves yet. But they're available on request and a semi-competent uke player could figure them out from the video in one run-through.

Instruments: aNueNue banjulele, Fender Jazz bass, (V) brand electro-accoustic guitar, shaky egg thingy

Oh, and, sneakily, I've covered one of the new songs before, in a really rough awful way. RSVP is here. I'll maybe figure out a decent arrangement for that around the time the album hits the shelves.


posted @ Tuesday, September 6, 2011 1:45 AM

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