Meryl is getting confused

Poor dear. Maybe it's time her family arranged some sheltered accomodation for the old duck. I mean, her brain's just not what it once was. She might need looking after.

Here's a little conversation that popped up in my timeline today:

"Odd", thought I, "I don't recall talking to that account recently. That's a particularly thick example of Dorey's tame trolls, and I don't generally respond to them unless I'm drunk or particularly annoyed."

Admittedly, I'm drunk and annoyed a lot, but it just doesn't stack up.

So I had a little dig around to figure out what this could mean.

It turns out that indeed, no, I haven't responded to that account for, well.... ever. My timeline is public. You can check for yourself. Besides, Dorey has had me blocked for maybe two years now. She can't see my tweets unless she specifically goes looking for them.

So what does Dorey mean?

I had a look at the picture that @MurseJackson included. Here it is:

Lolwut? I've never, ever commented on the topic of mammography. While I certainly have a certain appreciation for the aesthetics of the mammary area, I don't feel I'm in any way qualified to talk about screening for breast cancer. So what the hell is Dorey herping about?

The article she cites is from - and there's a rule about Don't trust anything it says without asking an adult first. Still, I scanned it, and it appers to be a big, steaming case of correlation being inferred as causation, coupled with the usual dripping levels of anti-medical propaganda. Essentially, Col Ingleton was right to call it a misrepresentation and right to call Dorey a stupid person. Two points to Col Ingleton.

But still, what the hell is Meryl on about?

Come to that, what happened to Dorey's constant imprecations on the topic of 'respect'? There are two highly disrespectful replies in just the screenshot above. Meryl has clearly fallen off her high horse into a big pile of high-horse droppings.

Poor dear is losing it. Not that she ever had it, but you know what I mean. She's responded to a post to which I had no input, citing an account to which I don't direct tweets, in response to someone I don't follow, and she's bleating about double-standards while at the same time holding double standards herself. And it's not even the dumbest thing she tweeted yesterday.


Of course, unlike our poor demented subject, I know exactly which tweet Meryl thinks she was responding to, and sadly it's yet another case of failure to comprehend what's put in front of her. It's not to the account she thinks it's to and it's not on the topic she thinks it's on, and it's not in the context in which she's tried to place it. 

It's pretty sad, but I guess geriatric mental decline is becoming ever more common, as human lifespan increases and the likelyhood of dying from infectious disease shrinks. Thanks to medical science, you know. I guess dementia is just one of the prices we have to pay for not dying young.

Still, I might have gained a follower or two from it. Cheers Meryl! And have a nice time in the assisted living centre!

posted @ Thursday, May 3, 2012 11:43 AM


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Left by shellity at 5/4/2012 1:47 PM
Oh, I *do* like the order in which you place words.
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