The bouldering report 7 March 2007

Well, the news is this: I've finally consummated my little on-off relationship with The Blank Wall, V4, at Lindfield. I've been having little cracks at it on recent visits, and it being rated as an absolute classic I've been reticent to stick up a toprope on it. This being the case, it's been a case of ground-up attempts, getting a little bit more solid each time, two or three goes tops per visit.

It's an ankle-breaker, even with a mat (three or four mats may be a different story), so there's a certain amount of fear involved in getting up there. The crux is the bottom section, but closing out the thin moves feels a little bit insecure. Today I hit a hold I've previously felt reluctant to go for, held it, worried, sketched, jumped, then got back on and completed the problem in a single push. The top is no issue, technically, but picking the right holds requires a bit of calmness, as most are crappy with some good stuff in between. Pick the right ones and you're all good. Panic and you're potentially in a bit of trouble.

Oh, and next time I go to do it, I'll brush the leaves off the top-out. that was sketchy.

After that, we went back to old favourite First Wall and had a bit of a mess around, couple of V4 problems, then off to the pub for a well deserved Guinness. Cheers!

We're generally bad enough at Sushi Train

How well do you think we'd do with Salmon, soy sauce and wasabi in space?

I'm guessing it would turn out badly.

Among other things, I'm finally back on XBox Live:

 This is a live gamercard, it'll evolve over time. For posterity, my current gamerscore is 65, with a Three-star rep and two games, PGR3 and Lego Star Wars. Yes, I'm a big kid, OK? And if you're wondering why the gamerscore is so low, well, I had to drop my old XBox 360 profile and start a new one to get back onto Live, so I need to get weaving and regain a few of the achievements my old profile has.

Third thing, There's a great Atheist Blogroll up at Aardvarkaeology. I guess I don't rant enough for this to be really called an Atheist Blog, but it's certainly the blog of an atheist. Maybe some further ranting might help, as well as finishing some of the half-finished posts I have on the subject of Atheism/Religion

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