More YouTube goodness

Gotta get it while it's still there. Sulfur Hexaflouride fun for you. Yet more on the science meme

And yes, I do spell it sulfur, not sulphur. I remember making a point of spelling it that way in chemistry class at school and getting a funny look from the teacher, then an even funnier look when I explained that the sulfur spelling was the approved nomenclature under IUPAC rules. I was about twelve, and explaining this to someone with a chemistry PhD. I was an obnoxious kid.

In other news, HP Sauce is no longer being made in the UK. Apparently it was not economical to make it in Birmingham and it's gone to Holland instead. Holland?

Back in Australia, there's some kind of monstrous vortex happening off Sydney. The Age has the story (currently top linked), buggered if I can find it linked on the SMH though. I think it heralds the coming of Cthulhu. Or possibly Godzilla.

You heard it here first.

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