I Can't Bat and other stories from the ether

I got a copy of Ricky Ponting International Cricket this week, and managed to have a bit of a crack at it last night. The report? well, bowling would appear to be my strong point - fielding and batting seem to be tough for me. Fielding partly because I'm colourblind and don't really see the 'hotspot' meter against the grass background too well, batting because the timing seems to be an arcane art the details of which currently elude me, despite running through the tutorials twice. I expected a bit of complex control, but certainly didn't expect batting to be quite so tricky.

I was thrashed, soundly, by England, despite taking six wickets in six overs during my spell in the field. My batsmen let me down, unlike the real thing. I think for tonight's XBox session I'll be hunting down Volk in Crackdown rather than trying to bowl out Freddie Flintoff. Maybe I can get a few of these:

Video: Crackdown Achievements

In other news from the series of tubes, some bozo actor or other has written off an Enzo Ferrari. There's video footage on the SMH site but it's disappointing, nowhere on a par with, say, this. I myself have crashed an Enzo, but luckily not in real life.

Staying with the SMH, I noticed a fairly superficial but obvious treatment on the current vocal phase atheism is going through, situated on the back page where commuters can actually spot it. Wonder what reaction will be tomorrow?

Lastly, the SMH's crossword compilers are porno fiends. Today's crossword; 1-down: Does Linda adore frills? (8) . Answer: Lovelace.

It seems gods are good for something after all...

... they make pretty good improvised weapons.

Apart from that though, total bollocks.

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