I'm a fifth year [subject] student, and I...

Nimrod Weiner, antivax chiropractor from Newtown Community Chiropractic, who I've mentioned before, appears to be a veritable fountain of lulz.

Today, someone dug up a piece from Weiner's fifth year at Macquarie School of Chiropractic in which the young weiner - sorry, Weiner - seemingly compares himself with Einstein, pleads for "paradigm shifts", berates his lecturers for not teaching the solidly debunked pseudoscience of subluxations and sets himself up as some kind of junior champion for the New Chiropractic Revolution*

The original text is here. Here's the text, just in case someone deletes the original:

And yet, as a 5th year chiropractic student at Macquarie University, I have seen that our education has not even reached the subluxation paradigm, let alone ones beyond it. I have heard so much about pain, disease, condition-based chiropractic, mechanistic models and manipulations. I have heard very little about the subluxation, wellness, person-centred vitalistic chiropractic and adjustments. This is particularly evident now that I am at clinic. It seems to me that the majority of students are not even aware of the subluxation paradigm, let alone ones beyond it like wellness, person-based chiropractic care.

This is why, along with 2 other chiropractic students - Julie Uren and Steve Foster - we have created a CD series addressed at chiropractic students, in which we discuss with accomplished, well-versed chiropractors, topics of chiropractic principles and philosophy. We are trying to push the paradigm from the inside.

So, what is it that I as a 5th year student would like to see? I would like us to recognise this block, this subluxation in our education. And for you, the experienced, accomplished chiropractors, CA's and chiropractic community to help us adjust our education, so that the messages of subluxation, person-based, wellness chiropractic care can flow through.

So that every chiropractic graduate leaves with a serious chiropractic intent.

By Nimrod Mason-Weiner. A Student at the Centre for Chiropractic, Macquarie, Sydney, Australia


Hmmm... "I know better than my lecturers, so I'm working to subvert the qualification I'm about to receive". This is a bit of an indictment on the "school of chiropractic". Not mentioning subluxation is one approach to dragging chiropractic out of the dark ages, but a better aproach would be to explain, fully, why subluxation is nonsense. A better approach still would be to shut the fuck down, but one step at a time, I suppose.

Look, Nimrod, the reason your lecturers weren't teaching you about subluxation is because subluxations don't exist. So I came up with an analogy which might help.

 I'm a fifth year physics student and I've seen our education has not discussed the luminiferous aether. This being the case, I've put together a DVD series....

Hmmm... Dunno if that quite gets the point across. How about

I'm a fifth year biology student and I can't believe we haven't talked about Noah's Ark yet. Therefore, I've produced this pamphlet...

Not sure it's really got the punch we need

I'm a fifth year geology student, and I'm concerned that the flat nature of our rectangular earth hasn't been taught. So I've knocked up a papyrus scroll....

OK, now that's getting closer

Dave The Happy Singer, can you help out?

I'm a fifth year astronomy student and I'm astounded that the firmament has not yet been mentioned. So I've put together a series of comic books...

But since classical, subluxation-based chiropractic is essentially faith-healing, I'm not sure the firmament analogy will sink in to young Mr Weiner. Perhaps you can help, Ratbags Bowditch?

I'm a fifth year maths student and I know that maths is not being taught properly because I went out with a Psych 101 student and she told her friends that I'm a square root.

I have spoken to a copywriter friend of mine and we are going to write a set of informative slogans to be printed on condom wrappers.

Ah! That's the fucker.

Nimrod, you're a nimrod. 


* © Jason Brown 2011, motherfucker.

posted @ Tuesday, September 6, 2011 5:07 PM


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Left by DrRachie at 9/6/2011 5:47 PM
Ha! Poor Nimrod. I think Dave summed it up accurately by saying this was probably more a product of his twenties than anything else. I'm glad that stuff I wrote at uni has not turned up on teh internetz - yet - although I doubt it was this bad, as I tended to follow the evidence.

An interesting fact you may not know about me: when I finished honours, a friend from uni went off to do MSc in Chiro at Macquarie and tried to convince me to come. Not knowing that chiro = quackery, I considered it, but decided on a PhD instead. I could have been a chiroquacktor too!

Also, Dr Mick Vagg found this gem.

# re: I'm a fifth year [subject] student, and I...

Left by jason at 9/6/2011 5:51 PM
Damn, I knew that too. Sorry Mick!

By the way, Young Nimrod is no stranger to breaches of the rules



# Dr

Left by Quack Quack at 10/5/2011 11:33 AM
Macquarie's Department of Chiropractic Quacks Check do recommend students read "Foundations of Chiropractic Subluxation" by M Gatterman in their study guide (number 8 on page 2).


Nimrod might actually be doing rationality a service in pointing out that, by not explicitly teaching the central tenet of chiropractic, they are perhaps indirectly acknowledging that it is a load of utter nonsense zero no medical evidence... so why the hell do they believe any of it?

The more this is debated in public, the better!
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