My sickening lifestyle

I was sitting in a café doing a bit of programming work last night, when a small group of people on the table opposite me started laughing and making thumbs-up gestures. I popped off my headphones and raised my eyebrows - as you do - and was told "We love your sticker, mate".

You see, I have a sticker on my laptop. I tweeted about it.

So, after the guys from the table opposite had taken a picture of the offending article I got back to programming SydneyPubGuide v3.0 and thought no more about it. That sticker has been on my laptop for maybe a year, but I don't take it out and about all that much.

Anyway, I checked my twitter stream later on to find this waiting for me:

 The level of fail inherent in this @reply is quite phenomenal. Where shall we begin?

  • First, nowhere does the sticker mention my sickening lifestyle. That's a matter between me and whoever my sickening lifestyle affects
  • Second, the sticker actually isn't generalising to all christians. It's berating the specific act of being a narrow-minded asshole and then excusing it with jesus. It's about a subset of christians...
  • ... specifically the kind of christians who are being narrow-minded assholes by, for instance, labelling someone's lifestyle "sickening" without actually knowing the first thing about said lifestyle...
  • ... like you, @meagain15.
  • Oh, the irony

Of course, I have no idea what my "sickening lifestyle" is meant to be. I mean, from glancing at its twitterstream, you can see that MeAgain15 is an obvious homophobe, but I'm not gay. Of course, maybe I've just not met the right guy yet. Or something.

Perhaps it's sexual deviancy in general, since christians hate that. My history of relatively stable monogamous heterosexual relationships tends to speak against that though. I did have that period in my early twenties where I had a kind of open thing going on, but the bible shouldn't really mind about that...

So maybe it's not that. MeAgain15 also seems to berate people about animal cruelty, specifically, it seems, around dogs. But I'm not exactly cruel to dogs. I have two at home and they're probably better fed and cared for than I am.

It mentions the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre a lot, but I'm neither a convicted criminal nor female, so it can't be that.

It hates immigrants, especially illegals, but I'm completely legal, have been for years. Besides, I didn't arrive by boat and I'm anglo - which seems to make me exempt.

Perhaps it's something to do with wearing whore clothes? But I only do that in Fable II, so it can't be.

I figure it must be something else about me that christians - this christian in particular - love to hate.

Well, the only thing I can think of is that I wear clothes woven of two different materials, so today I've made an effort to wear 100% cotton jeans and shirt, with polyester underdaks and socks and a polartec fleece top layer for warmth.

Suck on that, Leviticus.

posted @ Tuesday, September 13, 2011 11:15 AM


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# re: My sickening lifestyle

Left by shellity at 9/13/2011 11:57 AM
Perhaps it's the fact that you mention your underwear in your blog posts.


# re: My sickening lifestyle

Left by The Nerd at 9/13/2011 6:21 PM
Duh, it's that you said "narrow-minded asshole". Any time fundies see the words "narrow" and "asshole" in the same sentence, they invariably experience intense visions of gay anal sex.

# re: My sickening lifestyle

Left by RipleyP at 9/15/2011 1:50 PM
I had the same sticker on my motorcycle for a while, its an excellent sticker.

My bike was the target of god pamphlets as a result and I even copped a metal bloody fish being glued on it.

I even suffered some damage that I suspect may have been the result of the sticker,.

Mind you parking it in front of where the fundies stood on the street corner yelling at passers by about the benifits of their skyfairy may have enticed some of the response.
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