Skepticator Stats and Facts

I just thought I'd share a little Skepticator trivia with y'all

  • Skepticator's first feed was added to the DB on 16 Feb 2010, and it was... Australian Skeptics.
  • The JREF wasn't added until two days later, 18th Feb 2010, when it became the 36th feed in the DB.
  • The first Podcast, as you might expect, was Skeptoid, the fourth feed overall on the second day of the DB's existence
  • SiTPs started to appear early - Westminster Skeptics In The Pub being first in on 18th Feb 2010
  • The most recent feed is Reddit's Skeptic Subreddit.
  • C0nc0rdance was the first YouTube feed into the system on 11th April 2010, and there are now 49 feeds and a dedicated Youtube Viewer
  • There are currently 645 feeds in the system overall
  • FeedID 100 went to the Geologic Podcast. 200 was Skepsos's Skepsis. 300: Michael Shermer on YouTube. 400: Birmingham SiTP. 500: Nathan Lee. 600: The Loom. 700 will be issued in 4 feeds' time
  • Wordpress has 102 listed blogs hosted on the domain. Blogspot, however, has 136
  • The first feed to be rejected was "Dr" Nancy Malik's twitter feed (Nice try, Nancy, but you're a failure). Since then, there has only been one spam attempt, foiled by the moderation system.
  • wasn't added until July 16th.
  • 505 of the 645 feeds are hosted on a ".com" address. There are 76 ".org" addresses, 20 ".net" and only 2 "". There are 9 "" addresses
  • Not including a partial purge in October 2010, 16,709 distinct IP addresses have hit the search page.
  • FeedID 666 went to Rhys's Blog. Right now, as I'm posting, Bad Astronomy has 666 articles indexed
  • The JREF Forum has the most feed items in the DB with 4195, and to be honest I'd forgotten it was there. It's followed by the AFA Forums on 2264, then Pharyngula with 1491
  • There are 11 feeds which have never returned a result, oddly*
  • 175 feeds have the word "skeptic" in their feed title


*memo to self, investigate these

In which I have a fanboy meltdown moment and talk TAMOZ

That's me! Yes, that's me just next to James Randi's face. Randi's face! His beardy face! Squeeeee! SQUEEEEEE! *faints*


Yes, I'm quite excited about #TAMOZ. I'm speaking on the activism panel 2.00pm - 4.00pm on the first day. We're directly opposite the Science Based Medicine panel, so I expect our attendance to be zero, as everyone will be off listening to The Novellatron methodically destroying quackery in the next room. But still, if you're passing by on the way to SBM, toss us a biscuit through the door. I know for sure Travis Roy is on the panel, as is Elliot Birch, making it a sure thing that Jason Ball and Dale Roy will be at the table too. We'll be lonely in there. Moar biscuit!

Anyway, if you're a TAMOZ attendee and happen to spot a scruffy, nerdy looking drunk guy wandering around.... oh, wait, I should be more specific. I just described half the attendees.

If you see a guy with a "Jason Brown" name badge, come and have a chat. I'm fascinated by activism and online skepticism of all stripes, and I'd love to get some views and war stories from other skeptics. Tweet me up, Facebook me, ping me via The Skepticator, whatever. Also, be sure to attend the Open Mic night on Thursday 25th, where I'll be MCing and having a few drinks. Dave The Happy Singer may also be an MC for the evening (though I haven't officially asked him), which will give me a chance to hang at the bar and talk rubbish for a while.

 Oh, and one more time with feeling: SQUEEE!

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