Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) No longer a charity

Yes, that's right. Meryl Dorey's AVN is, as of the 20th October, no longer a charity.

The Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR), which regulates charities in NSW, has revoked their charitable licence, and not a moment too soon.

The OLGR release hasn't hit the web yet, but Meryl Dorey's response is here.

Note that Meryl has cherry-picked the OLGR finding to support her assertion that it's all based on the HCCC complaint. What, as I say, do items (b), (d) and (e) say?

Notice also that Meryl is using this opportunity to beg for more donations before the 20th. She's also lying about being the major reporter to ADRAC in the footer of the release, and lying about lobbying to stop compulsory vaccination - an illusory threat that exists only in Meryl's mind. And lying about death threats - she has still never produced one plausible piece of evidence for this claim, beyond a snippet of the internet meme "die in a fire". And of course, Meryl continues to urge forward her mouse-drawn "The HCCC is wrong" wagon, a wagon that's missing three wheels and throwing up tiny sparks of care from the concrete of Giveafuck Street as it careers, out of control, towards Obscurity Boulevard

This is a win for skepticism down under, and is due mainly to the efforts of the many fine people at Stop The AVN, to whom I raise a glass. Or three. CHEERS, YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARDS.


UPDATE: official release here, explaining the A, C and F thing

MOAR UPDATE: Meryl makes her local paper

Tapdancing Roof Mice

 One of the delightful and trivial things I like about Australia is the preponderance of tin (actually, galvanised steel) roofs. Almost everywhere is roofed in thin layers of corrugated sheet metal, and when the regular Sydney rain piles through and hammers down, the sound is really quite lovely.

Like millions of tapdancing roof mice, all jigging away to their own mousey beat.

I really, really like it. A lot.

Back in the UK, most of the places I lived were either ridged tile roofs or bitumen flat roofs. I slept under thatch a couple of times, and slate too, but the sound of rain on roof in Britain is just not accoustically pleasing.

A good expanse of corrugated roofing sheet, though? That's a sound to be relished.


Plays havoc with the noise levels in the home studio, though.

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