Bigmouth Strikes Again - on the ukulele

OK, so this is one of my favourite Smiths songs to play on the guitar - so I figured I should probably learn it on the uke too, and do a cover.

Which proved slightly trickier to arrange than I'd expected.

The song is in C#m, and results in, shall we say, not a perfect set of chords on the uke. It's played with a capo on the fourth fret in most guitar versions. I could simply play it in a different key, but that results in a trickier bassline with different open strings (and I know the C# one quite well), and besides, my voice isn't that versatile.

So I wrangled and fooled around and eventually decided that by detuning the ukulele by a semitone, I could play a Dm shape and get the required C#m, then use F, G, and so on. The only 'barre' chord then being an occasional A#.

Anyway, here it is

 The chords can be found over at Ultimate Guitar, and in fact pretty much anywhere on the net that provides chords is likely to have some version of it. Or you could use this video lesson that some assclown uploaded a while ago.

The intruments used: My Cordoba tenor ukulele, my aNueNue concert banjulele, My beloved MusicMan Stingray bass through my trusty Roland Cube and my voice. I had a guitar track using my Telecaster, but opted to leave it out of the finished mix since it didn't add anything and only served to de-emphasise the uke. Drums were by the Hydrogen GNU Drum Machine.

posted @ Saturday, November 26, 2011 2:15 AM

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